I am a girl named Azizah Shafiqah. First cried on 14 December 1997. Do leave your fingerstep.

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I wish I could say 'dont marry other girl. say you will wait me and i will wait for u too' but I can't. I couldn't. I just don't know why. Jodoh right? Percaya pada Allah. Keep him in your prayer. It's too early to talk about jodoh anyway. Need to think about study first. Make money. Give parents money. Balas jasa mak bapak before thinking about this jodoh things. Our jodoh dah ditetapkan right? If he is your destiny, then he will. No one can ever change it. Yes, no one. Kerja Allah. People said, kahwin kerja senang. Like, akad nikah je, sebut 'aku terima nikahnya' then tup! Dah kahwin. And yes, I agreed. Saying 'aku terima nikahnya' is so easy. But people don't really know the meaning. Tanggungjawab. Dosa dia, segala perbuatan dia, aurat dia, semua kau kena tanggung. You must be a good imaam for your wife. Didik dia dengan baik. Make her be a good muslimah for dunnya and akhirat. InshaAllah..

It has been a while since my last update and I already deleted all of my prev post lol so I am already eighteen years old (this december act) and will further my study soon since SPM result already released a week ago. But, I don't hv a future planning omaigod like seriously pikah?? My SPM result was Alhamdulillah. Not really excellent tp boleh lah. No fail, all credit. I am really proud of my Pend. Islam because I got A1. Alhamdulillah. Ustaz gave a big hope on me and he was targetting me to get A1 for Pend. Islam and yes I am. Hehe. So, frankly speaking. I really don't know what course shld I pick or choose because I don't like anything. I'm gonna kill myself. My future is depends on it. Seriously? Um. Shld I do istikharah? I think I must, but I don't know. I'm stuck. Okay then, goodbye xx